Best Things to Explore in Vietnam

As a hospitable country, Vietnam always welcomes everyone all over the world to come and enjoy the timeless charm here. Owning a diverse natural beauty as well as an enchanting culture, there are countless things to explore this beautiful S-shaped country. Here is the list of 9 musts for every bucket list once set off the trip to Vietnam:


Take a cruise trip in Halong Bay


Famous for extraordinary karst formation over the sea, Halong Bay, undoubtedly, is one of the most outstanding destinations in Vietnam. Thus, taking a trip with Halong Bay Cruises is an experience that you must have in the World Heritage Site for sure. Diversifying in capacity, style, and class, along with various fascinating activities, from prominent stops amid the mystic bay to interesting onboard activities, fleets in Halong Bay assure to bring to all the guests the most remarkable things with the trip to this Wonder of the World. 

Best Vietnam Tours in Halong Bay

Explore Hanoi Old Quarter


Located in the heart of Vietnam’s a-thousand-year capital, through decades of modernization, Hanoi Old Quarter has remained its inherent tradition values with charming ancient architecture and tranquil corners beside new kinds of the vendor, busy street life, and various culinary. Each narrow street is a part of history, culture interaction, and local life here. Spending a walking trip through hustling and bustling streets, tasting a hot bowl of Pho and witnessing the daily life in Old Quarter will help tourists have a thorough sense of nostalgic Hanoi as well as present Hanoi. 

Best Vietnam Tours in Hanoi

Join a trekking route in Sapa


Located to the Northwest in Vietnam, home to various local ethnic tribal groups with distinctive lifestyle and tradition, Sapa owns its exceptional charm by not only the striking mountainous scenery but also the fascinating trekking routes here. Trekking in Sapa offers unparalleled chances not only to admire the dramatic beauty of terraced fields stretching until the horizon, of tranquil tribal villages in sleep valleys but also to directly witness how locals here make their living and experience the unique daily life in highlands. 

Best Vietnam Tours in Sapa

Explore impressive cave system in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park


Named as “Kingdom of caves” in Vietnam, Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh province is a promising destination for anyone seeking adventure or tempting caving experience in this S-shaped country. Possessing an impressive cave collection, among which have been listed in the top outstanding caves in Vietnam, Phong Nha - Ke Bang attracts visitors each year with various options for cavings; from easy day trips with boating or walking tour (Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, Dark Cave, etc) to challenging trekking options to mystic giant wild caves amid the tropical jungle (Tu Lan cave, En Cave, Son Doong Cave, etc). All are waiting for you to explore a whole hidden world inside!

Best Vietnam Tours in Quang Binh

Indulge in Hue’s serene beauty


Renowned with a slow-paced daily life, Hue attracts people by its distinct way in every corner in this serene city. Not flashy and vibrant as other cities in Vietnam, Hue remains its romantic beauty with an antique vibe from historical sites to attractive sceneries here. From the Imperial City with ancient temples and tombs to peaceful craft villages along the dreamy Perfume River along with gentle and friendly locals, Hue is an ideal place for relaxing and indulging in the peace and tranquillity. 

Best Vietnam Tours in Hue


Visit Hoi An Ancient Town


Situating No.1 in the list "The best cities in the world 2019" by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Hoi An Ancient Town is a favorite destination in Vietnam in recent years due to its enchanting beauty. Once setting foot to this town, tourists will definitely fall in love with mango-color antique streets, colorful ancient architecture, delightsome culinary, peaceful surrounding countryside, and lovely local life here. Packed with sights to see, Hoi An is always charming by numerous activities not just simply strolling along the streets such as traditional cooking classes, impressive traditional shows, interesting cycling tours to villages or boating tours on Thu Bon River in the nightlife, etc. 

Best Vietnam Tours in Hoi An

Freely enjoy sun-sand-sea in attractive beaches in Vietnam 


With a long coastline along with the territory, Vietnam attracts visitors by many alluring sandy beaches from the North to the South. The most attractive beaches in Vietnam could be listed such as My Khe Beach (Danang), Nha Trang, Mui Ne, or Phu Quoc Island, where are perfect places not only to enjoy the sun-sand-sea but also join in enthralling watersports. A wide range of wonderful beaches in Vietnam will surely satisfy any group’s needs & tastes who are beach lovers.

Best Vietnam Beach Tours



Set off a trip to Cu Chi Tunnels Ho Chi Minh City


Located around 70 kilometers to the Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels is a complex network of connecting underground tunnels which are used as safe hideouts, working and living areas for local Vietnamese during wartime. As one of the most iconic attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels is an inviting stop where tourists, especially veterans and history buffs, could explore the underground life of local Vietnamese in the past.

Best Vietnam Tours in Ho Chi Minh City


Experience authentic local life in Mekong Delta 


As the biggest granary of Vietnam, Mekong Delta is an attractive destination where visitors can have a close insight into floating lives and orchard culture. From lively floating markets to lush green paddies and bountiful orchards, this fertile land owns its authentic charms with the rustic local life and warm-hearted people. Considering a stay with locals or overnight trip on Mekong Cruise is also a great experience that helps tourists witness how life’s happening here.

Best Vietnam Tours in the Mekong Delta


Additionally, there are still many other wonderful things can be added to your Vietnam’s astonishing experiences:

(1) Visit the Sunday Bac Ha market, where you can witness a colorful picture of local life, an amazing opportunity to see how ethnic people dress, craft, sell, trade, communicate, and live.

(2) Conquer Mua Cave point view in harvest season when you can admire the breathtaking scenery of surrounding limestone hills and the golden hue of paddy fields along the peaceful river.

(3) Check-in at Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, a very renowned check-in point in Vietnam in recent years with a reputable architecture of two hands lifting the walkway.

(4) Join a fascinating motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh City, visit the most iconic landmarks, sample the incredible gastronomy and explore a vibrant nightlife here.

(5) Join great fun sandboarding in Mui Ne, a should-not-miss experience for any travelers coming to the land of enchanting sand dunes.

(6) Enjoy the sunset in Phu Quoc Island, where is listed as one of the best places in Vietnam to admire the amazing sunset.

Besides those highlights above, there are still many other incredible things in Vietnam waiting for you to explore. Make sure to check out our list for the best Vietnam Tours with the most iconic destinations as well as the most typical activities at each stop during the itineraries. Don’t hesitate to directly contact our Gotta Go Indochina Expert team for your own tailor-made Indochina trip.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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