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Cambodia Classic Tours

4 Day Discover Cambodia Express

Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
Cambodia Express 4days, start from the charming city – capital of Cambodia. Visiting the highlights of city as following: Old building of post office, Royal Palace and Wat Phnom and then the National Museum and continue to discover Cambodia’s mystical Angkor Wat temple – The cultural heritage site of the world and experience of boat trip to discover Tonle Sap.
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4 Days

5 Day Explorer Khmer Culture Package Tour

This unique tour traces some of the far reaches of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia, providing a perfect setting to experience the cultural heritage and scenic highlights of this countries.
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5 Days

Discover Angkor Highlights 3 Days

Cambodia is a country rich of culture and tradition. If you have been to Cambodia you will claim that visiting Cambodia is a must-do activity. Since this country is a peaceful country with many tourism places everyone is addicted with this country so much
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3 Days

Explorer Cambodia Overland 7 Days

Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
People in Cambodia are really friendly and also helpful. So you can easy to communicate with them if you can speak Khmer and if you cannot speak Khmer you can also speak English because there are many Cambodian who can speak English.
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7 Days
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