While traveling in Southern Laos, you could not miss the Champasak province as it is an infinitely peaceful city with natural and cultural beauty.

Located about 650 km south - east of the Vientiane capital, Champasak is adjacent with Thailand at the west and Cambodia at the south. This geographical advantage makes Champasak very strong in economics and communication. In addition, this province is very famous for several beautiful sites and temples, that include: Boloven Plateau, Chompet stone sculpture village, Daoheuang Market, 4000 islands area - Si Phan Don, Khone Phapheng Falls, The Gold Buddha Temple, Wat Phou and Wat Luang temple.

This province is the ninth largest of Laos with the area of ​​about 15400 km². Its climate is marked by the tropical monsoon and is divided into two seasons: the rainy season (from May to November) and the dry season (from December to April). Its chief town is Pakse, and many festivals are celebrated here, for example: the Wat Phou (Boun Wat Phou) in February, the monasteries festival (Boun Phavet) in March, the New Year (Boun Pi Mai) in April, the rocket festival (Boun Bang Fai) in May, The Buddhist Lent's entrance ceremony (Boun Khao Phansa) in June, the boat racing festival (Boun Sang Heua or Loy Krathong) in October, etc.

The dishes here are often spicy,sour or sweet. Particularly, the spicy dishes are more abundant and loved by the locals. The inhabitants of Champasak squat normally on the ground while eating. The elder members in the family always eat first. If invited to dinner in a local family, you should respect their traditional ways, the people here are very open and friendly. There are many hotels, shops, and restaurants, with reasonable prices, that you can find.

It is possible to go directly to Champasak by plane because there is an international airport that has flights to Pakse from Bangkok (Thailand), Saigon (Vietnam), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Vientiane and Luang Prabang (Laos) or by car through some border gates between Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. Then, once in the city you can move by car, by tuk-tuk or by bike.

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