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Hanoi - Perfume Pagoda Full Day Tour

GGI-HNO2 1 Day
Hanoi, Perfume Pagoda
Perfume pagoda or Huong Pagoda is 60 km away from Hanoi, a unique spiritual destination of the Vietnamese people, with many temples from the foot of the mountains to the top of the mountains, symbolizing the religious and cultural beliefs of the peasant. Professional worship of the gods, buddha. To visit Perfume Pagoda one day you will not only learn about the beauty of religious beliefs, but also enjoy the beauty of the landscape can not be more beautiful than in Huong Son. All will give you the most memorable trip of your life with a tour Perfume Pagoda
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Hanoi City Tour (Group Tour)

GGI-HNO1 1 Day
Hanoi is a destination for famous landscapes in Vietnam, the center of culture, economy, education, politics of Vietnam, to Visit Hanoi one day you will have moments of discovery. Along with the many thousand years of civilization, with many ancient and modern works, with unique sidewalk cultural experiences, the special historical sites will all make you a trip. Hanoi memorable tour. Especially not only experience the identity of 36 bustling streets, beautiful roads but also have moments of experiencing the enjoyment of the national culture through the museum, through the puppet theater special characteristics. .. with Hanoi city tour full day
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