Discover Historical Sites, Villages and Imperial on Hue city Tour

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  • Sailing along Huong River
  • Visiting historical sites of Nguyen Dynasty
  • Interacting with local residents to learn about their cultures and daily activities

Note: People take the tour from August to October will have an opportunity to enjoy the famous local grapefruit, ThanhTra

Thien Mu Pagoda is known as a symbol of Hue. Thien Mu Pagoda contains seven floors, and each floor has a Buddha and a spiral staircase. Thien Mu is also very famous for its spiritual befief.
Duration: 1 Day
Tour code: GGI-HUE06


Hue is located on the northern side of Huong River, contains the historical artistic architecture and unique garden design. Hue is known as the administrative and political center of Nguyen Dynasty. It is also the palace of the King.

Thien Mu Pagoda is known as a symbol of Hue. Thien Mu Pagoda contains seven floors, and each floor has a Buddha and a spiral staircase. Thien Mu is also very famous for its spiritual belief.

Thuy Bieu is the ancient village, located 7 kilometers away from the center of Hue City. Thuy Bieu is surrounded by many unique natural attractions and cultures. Thuy Bieu is the house of many historical sites such as Ho Quyen, Voi Re, and a series of historical houses over 100 years old. Thuy Bieu is also famous for its grapefruit, Thanh Tra.

Tour description:

We will depart from your hotel to Thuy Bieu Village

Then, the bike tour starts:

  • Ho Quyen, Voi Re
  • Learn how to make and cook Hue cake
  • Enjoy local specialties: banh Nam, banhLoc.

We leave Thuy Bieu Village by boat on Perfume river

  • Your  guide  will take you to visit Thien Mu Pagoda
  • Transfering to local restaurant for lunch
  • After lunch. Tour guide will take you to visit Imperial Hue
  • Tour ends. Shuttle will take you back to your hotel. 

What's included


  • Tour guide: English
  • Shuttle
  • Boats
  • Mountain bikes
  • Tour tickets
  • Lunch 


  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks: soda, alcohol, etc., tip

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