Money and Cards in Vietnam

Money used in most transactions in Vietnam is Dong, the country's official currency. Other currencies like US dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling are accepted in major shops and restaurants in big cities-for example: Hanoi, Hue, Danang.

However, foreign customers are advised to pay for goods and services in Vietnam with Dong to avoid unexpected argument or loss, as some people do not use the official exchange rate informed by national banks. Plus, do not receive torn Vietnamese notes from shops, hotels and restaurants because normally they are useless.

Types of bank note are varied, ranking from the lowest to highest value: 1,000 dong; 2,000 dong; 5,000 dong; 10,000 dong; 20,000 dong; 50,000 dong; 100,000 dong, 200,000 dong; and 500,000 dong.  One more thing to remember is that the note of 500,000 dong—the current largest denomination—can be easily mistaken with the 20,000 dong note, so you should be extra careful with these two.

Cards like Visa or Master card are also widely accepted in big shopping places in large cities thanks to their convenience and user friendliness.

You can check the exchange rates at the website of Vietcombank, the Bank of Foreign Trade of Vietnam:

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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