The One Island Escape 2 Days 1 Night Tour (Private Island)

Hanoi, Hai Phong, Cat Ba Island


2 days

Travel Styles




The One Island Escape is a small, separate, beautiful, pristine, and majestic islet, in the midst of the nature of Lan Ha Bay. The island possesses many natural features that are advantageous for tourists to explore nature, and relax. The island is more than 300,000 m2, covered mainly by primeval forest, with many majestic cliff s, and some beautiful beaches.

Our resort is built right on the most beautiful and largest natural beach on the island, with an area of more than 10,000m2, the front-facing Cat Ba town, including 22 rooms, a restaurant, and a beach bar. The customer rooms are bungalows, facing the sea, located along a separate path along the length of the beach.

Come to relax, or experience travel at The One Island Escape, you will be immersed in the beauty of the sea and island, peaceful and romantic. Or participate in many activities to explore and experience the unique sea and islands that are only available in our place.

With a team of professional, passionate, and responsible staff . And with over 10 years of experience in organizing, building, and operating many tourism products, we are committed to always ensuring service quality when serving our customers. We look forward to receiving a lot of support from you.

We are also pleased to introduce The One Island Escape to our partners. With the spirit of cooperation and mutual development, we are looking forward to receiving a lot of support from our partners. 

Tour Highlights

  • Spend 2 days and 1 night exploring the hidden gems of the island
  • Enjoy a boat trip to the island surrounded by crystal clear waters
  • Snorkel to discover the vibrant marine life beneath the surface
  • Relax on the pristine beaches and soak up the sun
  • Explore the island on kayak, immersing yourself in nature
  • Taste delicious local seafood and traditional dishes
  • Experience a memorable overnight stay in a cozy bungalow
  • Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life in this tranquil paradise


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8:00 - 8:30: Pick up at Hanoi

Our guide and bus will pick you up at hotels in the Hanoi Old Quarter area. The Car takes you to Tran Chau harbor (location on google map), Tran Chau commune, and Cat Ba island along the new highway Hanoi - Hai Phong - Got ferry.

(Note: Two-way ticket to and from back is worth 600,000 VND)

11:15 - 11:30 Check in Tran Chau Harbor, board a private boat to the Island

The bus stops at Tran Chau Harbor. This is a logistics fishing port, a place to return after days of fishing, and also a place to gather for storm shelters of ships in Cat Ba waters.

You can take a few minutes to take pictures to save some memories here. After that, our staff will pick you up and guide you to a private boat to the Island.

(For guests who move to Tran Chau Harbor by themselves, please be here before 11:30 to catch up on time).

12:00-12:30 Welcome to The One Island Escape

The Private boat docked at the wharf, you check in to the Island, enjoy a welcome drink, and listen to the Island Manager announce information about the schedule, and safety regulations on the Island.

12:45 - 13:45 Lunchtime

Enjoy your first meal on the Island at the Restaurant area. Our chef will thoughtfully prepare special dishes, with the taste of the local sea, prepared uniquely and harmoniously.

13:45 - 14:00 Check-in

After lunch, you will receive your room key, and check in with assistance from the Island staff .

14.00 – 15:30 Free time

Free time to enjoy all the best that our island has to offer. Enjoy delicious drinks at the outdoor bar, walk on the beach to enjoy the fresh air, listen to the waves, or participate in recreational activities such as billiards, and beach volleyball. Or you can also rest in your room.

15:30: Visit Hang Thung cave (when weather conditions permit)

If the weather conditions and tidal characteristics are favorable, you will be invited to participate in exciting cave exploration activities. After about 10 minutes of traveling from The One Island Escape, our boat will take you to the cave entrance. Here, you will leave the boat, and climb a short slope to reach the top of the cave. You'll get to explore a cavern formed over millions of years impacted by the rise and fall of seawater, breathe completely fresh air, and get amazing photos once you reach the top of the cave.

After finishing the visit to the cave, the boat will take you back to the island.

Please note: The activity is only available when the tide conditions on the day of your visit permit. Sea levels will vary from day to day. On high tide days, the mouth of the cave is almost flooded, this activity will not be possible.

16:30 Walk through the primeval forest, explore, and check in at Freedom rock riffs

For those who love climbing activities, rock riffs are a MUST-TRY! Are you ready for this exploratory experience?

Meet our staff at the lobby, and they will join you in a climbing program to explore the rock riffs. Here, you can enjoy the majestic beauty of nature and have the opportunity to save yourself emotional experiences by taking selfie pictures. Trekking time ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

After checking in rock riffs, you return to the main area of the Island. During this time, you can participate in other interesting activities such as swimming, kayaking, and beach volleyball.

Note: When participating in this activity, you should bring sports shoes or climbing shoes, and mosquito spray.

17:30 - 18:30 Sunset Party

Don't miss the chance to enjoy unique drinks and fresh fruit during the Sunset Party. This is the time for you to feel the love in a romantic space with music, admire the romantic scenery of the sunset slowly falling with friends and loved ones, and sip your favorite drinks that our bar staff bartenders made. Some people consider this to be one of the most beautiful times of the day in terms of space, time, and emotions, and will leave you with many unforgettable impressions!

19:15 - 20:30 Dinner on the Island

You will enjoy a wonderful dinner at the outdoor beach area, under the shimmering lights, and listen to the wind and waves - the romantic melody of the sea.

21:00 - 23:00 Happy hours, billiards, campfire…

This is the evening prime time of your tour, with plenty of group bonding activities. Don't miss the chance to enjoy special drinks at the bar. During this time frame, you will get a free drink with the purchase of two.

In addition, you can also stay at the outdoor bar to listen to music, relax, chat with friends, or go for a walk by the beach to feel the peace, with the cool taste of the sea breeze, and listen to the sound of the ocean, waves crashing, or simply participate in a game of billiards, table tennis.

23:00. Overnight on the Island

You rest, and enjoy a night of sleeping on the island, right on the beach with the sound of waves crashing. You will quickly fall asleep, deep to regain energy full of excitement for the next day

05:30 - 06:00 Sunrise on the Island

You should wake up early to fully enjoy the beautiful sunrise and fresh morning air on The One Island Escape.

07:00 - 10:00 Buffet Breakfast and Lunch

You will have a combination breakfast & lunch buffet at the restaurant. Meals are carefully prepared to recharge for the return journey.

10:15. Check out

Please check your luggage, check out, and pay all costs incurred on the Island (if any) at the bar.

11:00. Leaving Freedom Island, returning to Hanoi

The private boat will take you back to Tran Chau Harbor for you to board the car back to Hanoi. Our guide and driver will bring you back to your hotel in the Old Quarter area of Hanoi.

15:30 You return to Hanoi, and the tour ends

Our journey to discover The One Island Escape ends when our guide and car bring you back to Hanoi.


For customers, who have to move to Tran Chau Harbor by themselves, to get on the private boat to the Island in time, please be at Tran Chau Wharf before 11:30 am.

For customers with dietary restrictions, allergies to certain foods or spices, or special dietary requirements, please notify us in advance so that our Kitchen can prepare suitable food.

Customers, please provide full personal information including full name, gender, year of birth, and the province of permanent residence at least 1 day before the departure date. If the member is a child, please send us a photo of the child's birth certificate.

Customers are young children who must be accompanied by their parents.

Customers are advised to bring swimwear, sports shoes, climbing shoes, and mosquito repellent if they want to participate in swimming, bathing, or mountain walking activities.

You should also bring a recording device to take pictures to save beautiful moments and memories only on the Island.

Please do not bring outside drinks onto the Island. For guests who brought drinks onto the Island, we will charge a fee.

The island is located near the center of Cat Ba, so 3G and 4G internet waves are very good so you can access the internet conveniently.

Due to limited conditions on the Island, electricity is used 100% by generators, water heaters and air conditioners are only provided during certain periods of time, according to Island regulations.


  • Private boat transfers from Tran Chau Harbor to the Island and vice versa
  • Welcome drink
  • Rooms on the Island
  • Drinking water 01 bottle/pax in the room
  • 03 meals on the Island as scheduled (01 Lunch, 01 Dinner, 01 combination breakfast)
  • Swimming, Kayaking, and billiards activities
  • Trekking to rock riffs
  • Ticket insurance and service fees are included in the Island program


  • Shuttle bus from Hanoi Old Quarter to Tran Chau, Cat Ba, and vice versa (two-way fare 600,000vnd)
  • Drinks on the menu
  • Other services not mentioned above and personal expenses incurred in the program
  • VAT (A surcharge of 8% applies only to customers requesting a VAT Invoice)


  • New Year’s Day, or Christmas surcharge of 200,000 VND/pax; ⮚ Other holidays surcharge 100,000VND/pax;
  • Surcharge for 1 person requesting a private room: 800,000 VND/guest/night;
  • Surcharge for drinks brought to the island, cooking costs:
  • 250,000 VND/bottle of wine;
  • 350,000 VND/bottle of spirits;
  • 150,000 VND/liter of rice wine;
  •  20,000 VND/can of beer, soft drink;
  • FOC: Filtered water;
  • 150,000 VND/kg of food for a cooking fee.

Children’s Ticket Price Policy

  • For children from 0 to 3 years old, free of charge.
  • For children from 4 to 6 years old, the fare is 50% of the adult fare.
  • For children from 7 to 10 years old, the fare is 75% of the adult fare.
  • For children from 11 years old and above, the fare is 100% of the adult fare. CANCELLATION POLICY
  • Customers, if you cancel 20 days before departure, the cancellation fee is equal to 20% of the total tour price;
  • If you cancel from 10 to less than 20 days in advance compared to the departure date, the cancellation fee is 30% of the total tour price;
  • If you cancel from 4 to less than 10 days in advance compared to the departure date, the cancellation fee is equal to 50% of the total tour price;
  • If you cancel less than 4 days before departure, the cancellation fee is equal to 100% of the total tour price;
  • If you do not notice and no-show, the cancellation fee is equal to 100% of the total tour price


Lunch on Day 1

Lunch (Set Menu)

  1. Seafood Soup (Served with garlic butter toast)
  2. Cat Ba Sweet and Sour Jellyfish Salad with Green Mango
  3. Surface Roasted Salt and Pepper
  4. Shrimp Steamed with Coconut Water on Freedom Island
  5. Quail Egg Braised Meat
  6. Stir-Fried Cabbage with Shrimp and Mushrooms
  7. Sour Soup Soup
  8. White Rice
  9. Dessert (Seasonal Fruit)

Dinner on day 1

Dinner (BBQ BBQ Party)

  1. Cabbage Salad with Sautéed Beef
  2. Mango Seafood Salad
  3. Green Salad with Vinegar Sauce
  4. Grilled Shrimp with Salt and Chilli
  5. Grilled Squid Satay
  6. Most Grilled Onion Grease
  7. Grilled Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce
  8. Grilled Ribs with BBQ Sauce
  9. Grilled Beef with BBQ Sauce
  10. Grilled Vegetables
  11. French Fries
  12. Puffed Shrimp
  13. Taro Fries
  14. Grilled Clams with Onion Grease
  15. Grilled Sea Bass with Galangal
  16. Seafood Fried Rice (Spare White Rice)
  17. Fruits 3 Large Plates
  18. Leo Lemon Cake
  19. Yogurt

Combined breakfast and lunch on day 2

Brunch (Served according to the combination Breakfast – Lunch buffet)

  1. Tea – Coffee
  2. Fruit Juice (3 types)
  3. Ancho Butter Ball – Jam Balls
  4. Bread and Pillow
  5. Croissants
  6. Grape Cake
  7. Opera Cake
  8. Fruits 03 Large Plates
  9. Eggs Served on Demand
  10. Tomato Cucumber Salad
  11. Lettuce Salad with Pink Sauce
  12. Special Hai Phong Seafood Vermicelli
  13. Mixed Crispy Fried Rice
  14. Mixed Fried Noodles
  15. Sausage
  16. Beef with Wine Sauce
  17. Boiled Vegetables

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