Vietnam Transportation

Transportation in Vietnam is always a burning and disturbing problem. However, to some extents, it can be a joyful, exciting (and even thrilling) experience. Moreover, using local vehicles will save your money and reduce the cost of transfer. In fact, thanks to authorities' effort, transportation is getting more and more improved now.

Types of transportation are varied, which are ordered by the distance of destinations:

Wandering through the streets within one city can bring you memorial times. If you have a company or a tourist guide by your side, you can also learn about interesting facts like the historical story lies behind each street name.


This special type of transport is the most ideal for exploring a city. When travelling in a low speed, you can get an insight into the daily life of local people. Do not worry; you will not miss any interesting things along the way!


Bus is the typical type of public transportation in Vietnam. Each of the buses is well-equipped with an air-conditioner and comfortable seats.


Among Viet citizens, motorbikes are most commonly used. They can be seen everywhere in the streets of Vietnam. For a foreign visitor, if you want to drive a motorbike by yourself, you need to be the rightful owner of one and bring along your drive license. If you just want to experience the feeling of riding on motorbikes around the cities, you can order a motor service (xe ôm).


Taxi is worth considering if you want to go between places of medium distances, for example: from the airport to the hotel, or vice versa—thanks to its flexible time as well as reasonable cost. You can order taxis on your own or ask for the help of the receptionists at your hotel.


Though the facilities are quite basic, traveling by train is indeed a romantic kind of transportation. This is recommended to use for long and especially overnight transfers so that you can enjoy memorable time gazing various charming sceneries passing by.

Air plane

Needing to move among cities, however, you do not have much time to spend on sightseeing with trains and instead have to save it—in this case, flights are ideal for you. They are also very convenient for traveling from another country to Vietnam or the other way round. Currently, Vietnam has in total 21 civil airports in service, together with 8 international airports. Moreover, international and internal flights are always available so that numerous demands of transfer are ensured.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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